All establishments and companies incorporated in the United Arab Emirates require an Emirati citizen either as an actual partner or as sponsor. The Emirati sponsor shall offer the legitimate ‏experience of a layman and facilitate all services for the companies in which such sponsor is registered as a partner.‏

  • Commercial
  • Professional
  • Industrial
  • Real Estate
  • An establishment wholly-owned by an Emirati citizen (100% share) (including commercial, ‏professional, industrial, and real estate entities).‏ The financial liability of such establishment is held by its owner who shall be liable for all financial ‏obligations assumed by the establishment.‏
  • An establishment wholly-owned by a foreigner (100% share) and sponsored by an Emirati ‏service agent (includes professional entities).‏

A contract shall be made between the foreigner and the service agent and to be notarized by ‏Dubai Courts. The duties of the service agent include providing customary and legitimate ‏experience to enable the foreigner to exercise the professional works. The service agent shall not assume any civil liability or financial obligations related to the business or activity of its ‏principal (the foreigner).

A company established by an Emirati citizen and a foreigner or by an Emirati citizen and several ‏foreigners where each of them has a respective share to be agreed upon.‏ It also may be established by foreigners who shall appoint an Emirati service agent. The shares of the ‏partners shall be determined as per their agreement. The partnership contract made ‏between the partners as well as the appointment contract made between the partners and ‏the local service agent shall be notarized by Dubai Courts.‏

The company capital shall be no less than AED 50,000,

An association of a maximum number of 50 partners and minimum number of 2 partners ‏incorporated either by an Emirati citizen and a foreigner or by several foreigners. The share of ‏the Emirati citizen shall be no less than 51% as a fixed share while the foreigner shall hold the ‏balance 49% of the capital shares. Where the foreign partners are more than one partner, the ‏said per cent of shares shall be divided among them in accordance with the applicable companies law of the UAE‏.‏

The company capital shall be no less than AED 100,000.‏

An association of capital divided into equal shares that are not offered to the public subscription ‏where the number of partners shall be no less than 3 persons who shall not be held liable ‏for the amounts of their shares. The capital of a PJSC shall not be less than AED 2,000,000 and ‏the nominal value per share shall not be less than one dirham and no more than 100 dirham.‏

A Company that is allowed to perform its activity in the free zones and may not exercise its ‏main business inside the state or establish offices or branches except under a license issued by ‏the Ministry of Economy following the approval of the competent authorities. The issuance of the ‏said license depends on the condition that such foreign company shall have an Emirati agent. In case ‏the agent is a company, its nationality shall be Emirati and all partners shall be Emirati citizens.